Listen to Colors


Roma (2014) – Color – HD 1.85:1
Runtime 3 min 07 sec

On March 15th the presentation of the new 2014 Swatch Club watch was held in Rome. A New Gent called  WHITE LOOP : a tribute to the history of Swatch!
Josei asked Lenardo Frosina to create a video for the event and so, he developed and concept a performance with a first cyborg of the world: Neil Harbisson.
The video’s soundtrack is a very special music by Neil Harbisson and based on the thirty colourful watches composing the White Loop. Because Neil Harbisson can’t see the colors but can listen them by his eyeborg.




Concept: Leonardo Frosina
Director: Leonardo Frosina
Editor: Massimiliano Cecchini
D.o.P: Sandro Magliano

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Liquid Thoughts (Nicola Giunta’s re:FLEX) from Leonardo Frosina on Vimeo.

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