Red Bull Airlines 2013


Napoli  (2013) – Color – HD 1.85:1
Runtime 2 min 23 sec

The Event: The world’s best trickliners, highliners and longliners headed to Naples, Italy at the weekend to experience a unique new slacklining concept, Red Bull Airlines.One year on from the initial concept of a slackliner rigging up a line through the iconic clothes drying lines hanging from the balconies of Naples apartments a contest was created that set the athletes a series of challenges at heights of up to seven metres above ground. These 10 brave and daring athletes – there were no security harnesses – battled it out over five lines of differing heights, however they were safe in the knowledge that there was a safety net underneath!

Leonardo Frosina follow the event like camera operator and director assistant.

Director Christian Cinetto (left) with Leonardo Frosina and Francesco Mansutti

Director: Christian Cinetto.
Camera: Leonardo Frosina, Francesco Mansutti, Chirstian Cinetto.
Edit: Christian Cinetto, Alice Renzato.

Liquid Thoughts (Nicola Giunta’s re:FLEX) from Leonardo Frosina on Vimeo.

Liquid thoughts (2009)

(Nicola Giunta’s re:FLEX). Totalmente immerso in una massa d’acqua che, al pari del grembo materno, rappresenta la parte più sicura e intima in cui rifugiarsi, apro ed offro allo spettatore una panoramica di pensieri, ricordi, ossessioni e immagini ricorrenti che vanno a formare un ‘tentativo’ di autoritratto (di Nicola Giunta) ESTREMAMENTE interiore e reale. Pensieri[…] Continue Reading

Le pecore non guardano mai le nuvole from Leonardo Frosina on Vimeo.