Listen to Colors

On March 15th the presentation of the new 2014 Swatch Club watch was held in Rome. A New Gent called  WHITE LOOP : a tribute to the history of Swatch! Josei asked Lenardo Frosina to create a video for the event and so, he developed and concept a performance with a first cyborg of the[…] Continue Reading

No Hate Speech Movement

Online Hate Speech strikes us silently from behind our screens and it is everybody’s duty to take a stand against it. This campaign is fighting to stop the expression of hate speech online, in all its forms, especially those that most affect young people, such as cyber-bullying and cyber-hate. The Council of Europe , continent’s[…] Continue Reading

Liquid Thoughts (Nicola Giunta’s re:FLEX) from Leonardo Frosina on Vimeo.

Liquid thoughts (2009)

(Nicola Giunta’s re:FLEX). Totalmente immerso in una massa d’acqua che, al pari del grembo materno, rappresenta la parte più sicura e intima in cui rifugiarsi, apro ed offro allo spettatore una panoramica di pensieri, ricordi, ossessioni e immagini ricorrenti che vanno a formare un ‘tentativo’ di autoritratto (di Nicola Giunta) ESTREMAMENTE interiore e reale. Pensieri[…] Continue Reading