Der Gesang Der Wale (2008)


Berlin (2008) – HD 1.85:1
Runtime 04 min 54 sec

Synopsys: A woman, trapped in the loneliness of her own apartment as if it were a cage, questions her condition. Only outside will she find a sign that will help her to escape her personal prison.

Starring: Diana Ridnai, Christina Cinetto, Jens Kauffmann.
Music: Nicola Giunta original soundtracks.


L’ultima foglia (2013)

The story deals with the events in the lives of Zeno and Rossana, immersing the spectator in the sentimental apathy that marks today’s relationships. He is a night watchman and she is a musician. When they move to Rome due to his job, things are already rocky between them, and the change only increases their[…] Continue Reading

Le pecore non guardano mai le nuvole from Leonardo Frosina on Vimeo.