No Hate Speech Movement


Roma, Torino, Strasbourg (2012) – Color – HD 1.85:1
Runtime 6 min 40 sec

The Campaign: Online Hate Speech strikes us silently from behind our screens and it is everybody’s duty to take a stand against it. This campaign is fighting to stop the expression of hate speech online, in all its forms, especially those that most affect young people, such as cyber-bullying and cyber-hate.

The Council of Europe , continent’s leading human rights organization, asked  Latte Creative to create a campaign called No Hate Speech Movement, to raise awareness about the online expression of hate.

Leonardo Frosina developed and directed the official video for the campaign.


Starring: Nicoletta Cefaly
Concept: Silvio Cinaciullo, Leonardo Frosina
Director: Leonardo Frosina
Editor: Massimiliano Cecchini
D.o.P: Sandro Magliano

Uriele (2004)

A man is beaten after he tries to kill himself but something happens… Starring: Josu Zabala, Ricardo Grasson. Music: Nicola Giunta original soundtracks. The song “Baby” by Os-Muntnates 1971.            

Der Gesang Der Wale (2008)

A woman, trapped in the loneliness of her own apartment as if it were a cage, questions her condition. Only outside will she find a sign that will help her to escape her personal prison. Starring: Diana Ridnai, Christina Cinetto, Jens Kauffmann. Music: Nicola Giunta original soundtracks.